Employer FAQ's
How can I obtain information on the EFT/ EDI process?
Download an information packet at this web site or contact the DC Child Support Clearinghouse at 1-888-470-1470.
I recently arranged for a prenote transmission, when can I stop mailing in checks?
Five business days are required to validate bank account information that has not been previously verified. You should continue to remit a check for your employees’ child support withholdings during this five-business day period. You will be notified if the prenote is unsuccessful, at which point you must continue to remit a check until your bank account information has been successfully verified.
What should I do if the wrong amount is withheld from an employee’s paycheck? Contact DC Clearinghouse Child Support Customer Service at 1-888-470-1470.
Can I transmit a debit transaction (reversal) if there is a mistake? No, debit transactions are not allowed.

ACH Debit
Registering and Scheduling a Bank Draft
What should I do to have child support payments automatically withdrawn from my bank account? Click Employer at this web site, register an account, and schedule a payment.
What information is required to register an account on the web site? - Employer name
- Contact name
- Telephone number
- Valid e-mail address
- Bank information: bank name, routing number, account number, type of account; checking or savings
Can I schedule more than one payment, for example, a payment on the 20th of the month, as well as a payment every two weeks on Friday? Yes, however, you will need to schedule each payment separately.
Can I have more than one bank account authorized for a payment? Yes. You can authorize more than one bank account; however, you cannot split a payment between the bank accounts.
What day will funds be withdrawn from my bank account? Funds will be withdrawn on the scheduled payment date. If that date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or bank holiday the funds will be withdrawn the next business day.
How long will it take for Child Support Services Division to receive a child support payment once it is withdrawn from my bank account? The payment will be processed on the scheduled date unless there are technical difficulties. Your employees will receive credit for the payment the next business day following your scheduled payment date.
What happens if my payment is scheduled for a weekend or a holiday? If a withdrawal falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or bank holiday, the funds will be withdrawn the next business day.
What is the earliest date that I can schedule a payment? Your payment start date must be at least five business days from the date you register your account. This will allow sufficient time for your bank account information to be verified (prenote). If your account has been previously verified then the payment must be scheduled at least three business days prior to its payment date.
Example: If you register your account on Monday the 1st, you must set your payment start date no earlier than Tuesday the 9th.
I entered a start date and the web site calculated a different date for my first payment. What am I doing wrong? If you entered a start date that is less than five business days from today's date, your date will be automatically adjusted to include the five-business day verification (prenote) period.
Example: Today is January 26 (Monday) and you entered January 30 (Friday) as your payment start date. The web site calculates the start date as February 3, taking the five-business day verification period into consideration; January 27 - February 2
Verification (Prenote) Period
What happens after I register an account and schedule a payment? If your bank account information has not been previously verified, it will be submitted to your bank for verification (prenote). If the prenote is successful, your payment will be withdrawn as scheduled. If the prenote is unsuccessful, you will be notified by e-mail and no payment will be processed.
Why would a prenote be returned as unsuccessful? Most prenotes are returned as unsuccessful when the bank account information was entered incorrectly.
I received an e-mail that the prenote was unsuccessful. What should I do? Edit your bank account information at this web site and reschedule your payment. The prenote will be resubmitted. You may want to contact your bank if you need assistance identifying the routing and account numbers.
Editing or Changing an Account
I changed my bank account. What should I do? Submit your new bank account information when you schedule your next payment. A prenote will be sent to verify the new bank account information. If your payment is due before the end of the five- business day verification (prenote) period, you will need to mail your employees’ withholdings to the DC Child Support Clearinghouse in order to avoid delinquency on their child support accounts.
I authorized a bank draft and now I want to cancel it. What should I do? Cancel your payment at this web site. You must allow three business days prior to the payment's scheduled date to cancel your payment.
Unavailable Funds
What if my bank account does not have sufficient funds to cover a payment? You must cancel your payment at least three business days prior to its scheduled date. You can cancel your payment at this web site.
What if I fail to cancel the payment three business days prior to its scheduled date and there are insufficient funds in my account? Your account will be placed on hold and your automatic withdrawal will be cancelled. You will be required to remit all future payments with a guaranteed payment instrument such as a money order, cashier's check, or certified check.
Why is my account on hold? We attempted to withdraw the funds from your bank account and they were not available. You will be required to remit all future payments by a guaranteed instrument such as a money order, cashier's check, or certified check.
General FAQs
Are employers required to send child support payments electronically? Employers are not required to remit payments electronically. However, by submitting electronically, employers can reduce their cost for submitting child support payments.
I am having trouble creating a password. Your password must consist of at least two numbers and six letters, and not exceed 12 characters in length. In addition, it cannot contain any special characters. For example, question marks, number signs, periods.
Can my password be the same as my user ID? No, it must be different from your user ID.
Does my password ever expire? No, your password does not expire.
I forgot my password. What should I do? On the login page, click "Forgot your password?", enter the required information, and create a new password.
If I forget my password and change it but remember it later and want to change it back to the original password can I? Yes, you can.
Technical Issues
It appears there is a problem with the web site. What should I do? Contact DC Child Support Clearinghouse Customer Service at 1-888-470-1470 and report the problem.
Unauthorized Access of an Account
I believe someone has access to my user ID and password. What should I do? Change your user ID and password at this web site.
Money has been withdrawn from my account without my permission. What should I do? Contact DC Child Support Clearinghouse Customer Service at 1-888-470-1470 immediately. You will be asked to submit your claim in writing.
Contact Information

Child Support Customer Service

DC Child Support Clearinghouse
P.O. Box 37868
Washington, D.C. 20013-7868

Customer Service Telephone Number: (888) 470-1470






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